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February 26, 2012
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Lord of the Hunt by Frogger1093 Lord of the Hunt by Frogger1093
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It's been awhile since I uploaded any Skyrim comics, but I have a few ideas lined up. Hopefully I'll find the time to work on them. In the mean time, these Skyrim comics aren't really representative of my typical work. Feel free to check out some of my other work: The Night Café

And another Skyrim-related comic, à la Old Spice advertising. You all have been spared an arrow in the knee joke. For now...

I'm still busy as ever but found the time to work on this over the weekend. I'm trying out a few new methods for making these comics. I'm making notes and such for a series that I want to get started and I wanted some experience in making these comics before committing to the "big project". I learned one thing: it takes a long time. Hopefully I'll be able to trim a few hours off of the completion time with practice...


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe, the glowing blue deer is not "that-one-thing-from-Harry-Potter-that-makes-the-flying-cloaked-monsters-go-away". It's Hircine, a daedric lord. The Daedra are god-like beings who rule over parallel planes of reality collectively known as Oblivion and relish toying with the lives of mortals. Hircine, the lord of the hunt and creator of were-creatures, makes his home in a realm known as the "Hunting Grounds" and is a patron to hunters.

Hircine has two artifacts associated with him--not counting various totems that boost lycanthropes' abilities: the Ring of Hircine and the Savior's Hide. The latter is the subject of this comic.

He appears to mortals in many different forms. In Skyrim, he appears to the player as a spectral stag or human as part of the quest "Ill Met by Moonlight". Should the player choose to follow Hircine's orders, kill the rogue werewolf and skin him, Hircine turns the pelt into the Savior's Hide for the player.

In the game, Hircine is kind of a jerk: contemptuous, disdainful. No fun. I prefer this Hircine, but with Clavicus Vile's voice.


Comments and any sort of constructive criticism are welcome; I'd like to know what I could improve on and I'll try to work in suggestions into following submissions.
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Andrew-Parkin Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
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LOL!! Hircine, you're scaring the kids again!!!!! XDXD
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old spice referance XDDD
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Hircine would make a much better spokesdaedra for Old Spice!
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His face in the last panel. Priceless.
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Swiggity swag, I'm a stag.
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lol Hircine. I love that quest. Although, I killed the hunters instead of killing the werewolf. I like turning the tables. :D
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He is still my favorite Daedric Lord X3 (mostly because of the ring he gives me)
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